Friday, March 15, 2013

Java Jazzing

I'm finally back!!!
I have just come back to Jakarta after having a very long holiday which makes me gain my weight. Not exactly gaining some kilos but I look chubbier and 'healthier'. :D
So, the next two-day after my arrival in Jakarta I join my Glenn attending Java Jazz Festival. I only attended the second day on Saturday since the ticket was way too expensive. I'd rather buying a nice pair of shoes than buying the ticket for concert. But this time is different. Glenn was so lucky to get a free ticket for a whole performance in three days!!!! Yayy for a job as an editor! Hahahaha... Glenn was kind enough to buy me a ticket so I could experience a live concert, and we got 50% off because we used Cindy's BNI card.

Cindy, Glenn and I arrived at JIExpo earlier. It was so hottttt that day. We took a lot of pictures...
Here are some of my favorite pictures:
Cindy and Me

Glenn and Me

My mom's knitted-top; UP's Rumi Cream Lace, unbranded  jeans

I'm sooooo Chubby!! >.<

Senheiser booth

Happy couple!

Overall, I enjoyed this concert aside from the crowd. It was pretty nice. But to come here alone?? It's a NO..No....

Have a nice day, everyone!


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