Friday, March 15, 2013

Java Jazzing

I'm finally back!!!
I have just come back to Jakarta after having a very long holiday which makes me gain my weight. Not exactly gaining some kilos but I look chubbier and 'healthier'. :D
So, the next two-day after my arrival in Jakarta I join my Glenn attending Java Jazz Festival. I only attended the second day on Saturday since the ticket was way too expensive. I'd rather buying a nice pair of shoes than buying the ticket for concert. But this time is different. Glenn was so lucky to get a free ticket for a whole performance in three days!!!! Yayy for a job as an editor! Hahahaha... Glenn was kind enough to buy me a ticket so I could experience a live concert, and we got 50% off because we used Cindy's BNI card.

Cindy, Glenn and I arrived at JIExpo earlier. It was so hottttt that day. We took a lot of pictures...
Here are some of my favorite pictures:
Cindy and Me

Glenn and Me

My mom's knitted-top; UP's Rumi Cream Lace, unbranded  jeans

I'm sooooo Chubby!! >.<

Senheiser booth

Happy couple!

Overall, I enjoyed this concert aside from the crowd. It was pretty nice. But to come here alone?? It's a NO..No....

Have a nice day, everyone!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tiny little fingers

Last week, my very  very bestfriend, Cindy (who is an editor of Donal Duck Magazine.. Yayy for free DD magazine =D ), asked me to polish her nails since she would come to a wedding party.
Soooo.. Here we are... Just a simple nail polish from Etude House.

The nail polish -- Etude House

And the result is... *drumroll*

hahaha.. Just kidding. It's my boy's fingers. Cute, eh?

The result

Okay, girls..
Talk to you later... I'm soooo starvinggg!!!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Rocking the boots

Just few photos taken awhile ago at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

Wohooo.. I love eating!



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flowery Dress

My life-saver dress in Jakarta. Got two wedding invitations and I didn't know what to wear. Luckily, I brought this dress from et cetera. This dress is so comfy yet elegant. You can wear it in both formal and informal event. Just play along with your cardigan, scarf or accessories.
I put two different cardigan for my dress. And of course two different nail designs.

Rocking my Konad Stamp (Check my tutorial here)

Etude House


Hungry again --> Seven Eleven :p

my effortless-make up :p

Which one do you like more?


Ms. Ing